Sweet Sue's Croissants


Traditional European style with flaky outer layers and soft interior made with 100% real butter

Chocolate Croissant

Filled with bittersweet gourmet chocolate imported from France


A European-style custard that can be topped with your choice of fresh bluberries, raspberries, or apricot

Bear Claw

Buttery dough filled with bittersweet chocolate imported from France and a toasted almond filling

Raisin Spiral

Juicy raisins wrapped in buttery dough


We offer both LARGE and MINIATURE sizes.
We can also create orders according to

We also offer delicious Bear Claws, Cinnamon Spirals, Raisin Spirals and Apple Turnovers.

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We offer the convenience of a fully proofed, egg-washed, raw frozen product that you bake straight from freezer to oven, saving you time & labor. We also offer unproofed pastry items.

Coming soon, we will have fully baked frozen products in everything we make.

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